Blitz Marketing: Should I Seek Outsourced Solutions?

What is a marketing blitz? Should you do it yourself or should you outsource some of the heavy lifting? If you have a new product line to launch or even if you really just want some more customers, a marketing blitz is the way to go. Cross-channel and cross-media marketing solutions provide a unique all-or-nothing approach that will not only increase awareness…but your SALES. In this website, we will discuss the benefits and possible pitfalls of outsourcing some of the functions of your marketing blitz.

What is a Marketing Blitz?

marketing blitzA marketing blitz refers to a sudden increase of advertisements, in person sales calls, telemarketing, media campaigns, etc. in order to get the word out about an upcoming event, new product line, or launch of a newly formed corporation. Check out these helpful sites that will help you understand this concept: , Blitz Incwiki page, Blitz Inc Bellevue.

There have been several successful blitz marketing campaigns run by numerous companies in several different markets. In fact, most marketing blitzes are nationwide campaigns.

With such an increase in visibility, companies find a sharp increase in click-through rates on websites, twitter mentions and hashtags, and retail traffic. You too can utilize this increased exposure on the local level. In fact, you can do it much cheaper than the big marketing firms.

Be aware though, there is a LOT of things you have to do in order for this thing to work. You may want to consider outsourcing some of the work to a third party. Heck, maybe even a couple of them.

Why You Should Outsource

In order for everything to be effective and working in unison, you have to plan, plan, plan. You have to be so precise with the timing of your marketing roll-out that people mistake you for a general of an army in a huge upcoming battle.

Although you may want to keep your thumb on the pulse of your campaign, you should let some of the professionals do what they do best. If, for instance, you are in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Outsourced Solutions offers in person representation that corresponds with existing marketing campaigns. A company like that can go out and beat the streets for your marketing blitz…unless you want to do something like that yourself.

If you want to know more about outsourcing, read this wiki page or Outsourced Solutions Bellevue company information page.

A general of an army doesn’t run around doing everything himself. He plans, goes over strategies, and consults with his subordinates. He then tells those people what to do and demands status reports throughout the process.

Outsourcing some of your marketing blitz is crucial to its success. Don’t hire a company to do EVERYTHING, but do hire a company or two to do SOMETHING.

Outsourcing a Media Blitz

outsourced solutions

Outsourcing your media campaigns is the easiest thing to do that will have the most bang for your buck. Unless you have been in advertising for a large number of years and have a load of contacts in the industry that can deliver everything you create in a timely manner, seek some outsourced solutions.

The aforementioned company, Outsourced Solutions Bellevue WA would not be able to help you with that one. However, a company like that can be your front-runners for your marketing campaign…spreading the word and getting some pre-sales done on the ground level.

As you have that going on, hire an advertising firm to get you some exposure both in radio and television. While keeping your thumb on the pulse of your marketing blitz, you can both control the quality of the work and enjoy the increased quantity of your marketing messaging.

After the Blitz is Outsourced

After your marketing blitz has been outsourced to companies that will get you the most bang for your buck, be sure that everyone is on the same page with deadlines and launch date. If you have done everything properly, you will see a sharp increase in sales and brand awareness.

Blitz marketing tactics are too intense to be sustainable. However, you can do several more marketing blitzes throughout the year. With any new product launch, company news, etc., you can use these tactics again and again.

Good luck and watch this funny video about outsourcing vs offshoring.

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